Nielsen Broadband Panel will be permanently closed on 31st of May 2023. New registration is not available, thank you for your interest and support!

Make your Internet usage count!

Why Join?

Your participation matters

The Nielsen Broadband Panel program was developed to assess Australia consumers’ Internet services and determine the status of broadband service performance across Australia. By using the internet as you do every day, we invite you to make a difference and earn redeemable rewards points!

How it works

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Answer our short registration form about yourself and relevant topics.

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We will send you the device (with instructions) you need to connect it to your router. It is non invasive and doesn't slow down any of your household devices.

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After you have installed the device, you will get rewarded just for browsing as you normally would! No need to break or start any habits.


Your privacy and security is Nielsen's top priority. The device is easy to install and won't slow down your other devices. More about privacy


Want to win up to $1000? Enter our lottery to get the chance! Complete surveys for an increased chance to win! Once you have finished the short onboarding process you can begin earning straight away!

Reward Journey

Sign Up

Registration Completed (Phone screening and T&C)
30 points ($3)

Device installed successfully and connected
100 points ($10)

Device connected
Week 1 - 30 points ($3)
Week 2 - 40 points ($4)
Week 3 - 50 points ($5)
Week 4 - 50 points ($5)


Monthly Bonus
Every month after - 50 points ($5)

Quarterly Bonus
60 points ($6) after completing each quarter

Added Bonuses
Chance to win $1000 from our monthly raffle

You can collect 30 AUD worth points after completing 4 week in the panel

*10 points = 1 AUD

Click here to see Winners of the monthly Raffle

About Us

Caring about consumer insights for over 90 years

Nielsen is a professional research company and the world's leading provider of media and marketing information. Our mission is to learn about what people watch, listen to, and buy, as well as what they do online. Filling out our survey and registering your devices is an opportunity to become a part of important research insights. We'd love to have you!